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Flip the Bird Aviary

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About FTBA

Well where to start? Flip the Bird Aviary is located in a town called Beaverlodge, just outside of Grande Prairie Alberta. We are an enclosed clean aviary. We have one room for our lovebirds and one room for our quakers. We are looking to expand our buisiness as most people will tell you it is addicting. We started out buying two lovebirds, Heineken and Tequila and have progressed from there. Birds are a big passion for us, and we will continue to add to our feathered family.

We don't only love Feathered friends, we have a few other pets as well.


This is Marco, he is our Husky cross, and he is four years old.


This is Galiano, our oldest pet. He is now 9 years old.


This is Keeka, our newest addition, she is a Golden Lab cross Retriever. She is just 10 weeks old.


This is Alley Cat. She is about 5 months old now and our biggest Brat!


Flip the Bird is located in Beaverlodge Alberta Canada.

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