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Flip the Bird Aviary

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Birds For Sale

Wild-Type Fischer's Lovebird
This is the only baby we have left from Shrek and Fiona's last batch!!
Hatch Date: March 5, 2005
e-mail us if interested

Shrek and Fiona
these guys are both green fischer's they are new parents, having two batches for us since they turned breeding age. their babies have wonderful personalities
e-mail us if interested!


Dory and Nemo
Dory and Nemo are dilute and dilute/ino fischer's lovebirds. These guys are very special to me and are wonderful birds.


they have had a few batches for us, and we have been happy with every single baby.
they are wonderful parents.
e-mail us if interested

Blue and Flea
Flea has been sold. Have fun Kristin!
Blue is a blue fischer's, and Flea is a green/blue fischer's. They produce blue's, green's and green/blue's. They are a great pair, and very good to their babies. *UPDATE* Unfortunately there was a little accident, and Blue has left us to go over the rainbow bridge. We miss her greatly, and are very upset about our loss.

Josie and Perky
Josie is a green masked lovebird and Perky is a blue masked lovebird. We never actually had time to breed this pair, they were proven from the previous owner. they are fairly shy, but incredibly beautiful.

Murphy and Napoleon
Murphy is a Lutino cock, and Napoleon is a peachfaced hen. When we first bought them Napoleon was supposed to be a cock as well, but then he laid an egg! these two can be seperated, but prefer to be sold together.
e-mail us if interested


Flip the Bird is located in Beaverlodge Alberta Canada.

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