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Flip the Bird Aviary

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We know there are many great sites on the net, these are a few of the ones we find most useful. We are always adding new sites so if you would like yours added feel free to e-mail us!

Love Shack Aviary (where we have made most of our bird purchases)

Little Darlings

Wee Beeks Aviary

Provincial Bird Breeders of Canada

Goochie Birds

Angelina's Nest

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. (Toucans, and other soft bill species)

Greyhaven Bird Sanctuary

Genesis Aviary

Deva Dutt Aviary

Parrot Parrot (excellent source of information)

Quality products

Rob Harvey Specialist Feeds

The Parrot Pages


Flip the Bird is located in Beaverlodge Alberta Canada.

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