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Flip the Bird Aviary

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These are our Lovebirds, some pictures and information. We are breeding 3 different species of Lovebird. Check back often to see updates on pairs, and babies!

Shrek and Fiona
These guys are our wild-type Fischer's Lovebirds. They are wonderful parents and have produced wonderful babies for us.
Resting until Fall


Blue and Flea
Blue is a Blue Fischer's Lovebird and Flea is a split Blue Fischer's Lovebird. These guys are great birds. We have yet to see a blue baby but hopefully soon!
4 babies have hatched!! are being pulled soon!! check back soon!


Perky and Josie
Perky is a Blue Masked Lovebird and Josie is a wild-type Masked Lovebird.
Put to rest until Later summer.


Wait to see what comes!!!
Gump is one of our babies from Shrek and Fiona. He has won our hearts with a wonderful personalty and his humerous nature.
He is 5 months old, possibly going to be a breeder for us. Check back later to see updates!

Heineken and Tequila
Heineken and Tequila were our first birds. These girls are the reason we fell in love with birds. Heineken is a pied Peachfaced lovebird. Tequila is a Lutino Peachfaced lovebird.
Waiting to be paired.


Murphy and Napoleon

Murphy is a Lutino Peachfaced Lovebird, and Napoleon is a split orange-faced lovebird.

Both are awaiting hens to be paired with.


Dory and Nemo
Dory and Nemo are our dilute and dilute/ino Fischer's Lovebirds.


They make wonderful parents and all they're babies have wonderful personalities.
5 eggs in the nest!!! check back for updates.


Misty and Prince Gin
Misty is an Australian Cinnamon Peachfaced Lovebird, and Prince Gin is a White-faced Violet/Australian Cinnamon Peachfaced Lovebird.


They have just been paired up, Gin will be of breeding age soon.
Check back soon for updates on this pair!!!


Flip the Bird is located in Beaverlodge Alberta Canada.

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